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Jessica Weakley

 Mrs. Weakley's 4th Grade Class


Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year.  I am so excited to begin my 13th year of teaching with your child!  We have a great group of kids and have so much planned.  It is so important that education continues after the school hours.  Below I have mentioned some ways that you can help your child succeed through the year.

Please practice math facts with your child as well.  We will be practicing them in class, but it is vital to continue the practice at home as well.  Students have already started to use their knowledge of multiples in math class!

Your child will also ask you to sign their agenda each night.  Just by doing this it gives them the opportunity to earn beads for their necklaces in class.  This is kind of like a brag tag for them to show off.  The agenda must go home and return each day with a signature.