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Staying Healthy 101

Welcome to the new school year! Here are a few tips to having a healthy year:


  • KICK START your day by eating a nutritious breakfast. Eating breakfast boosts your brain and keeps you alert and energized until lunch.

  • Stay HYDRATED throughout the day. WATER, WATER, WATER!

  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Washing your hands is the #1 way to stop the spread of germs.

  • EAT A NUTRITIOUS LUNCH from all food groups! This will refuel your body and keep you engaged in learning while also keeping your body growing. 

  • LIMIT sugary foods and drinks from your diet. Sugar adds calories, harms your teeth and makes you tired and weak. 

  • EXERCISE!!!!! To keep your body strong and healthy, stay active at school and home for at least 30min every day. 

  • GET A GOOD NIGHT OF SLEEP! Sleep will re-energize the body’s cells, support learning and memory and help the brain to recuperate after a long day. 

  • Repeat all these steps the next day.


HEALTHY kids become better LEARNERS

Nurse Lacy