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Battle of the Books

Don’t miss IXL’s second annual Battle of the Books Challenge!

All parents of 4th and 5th grade participants are invited to join us for this event!

Battle of the Books will take place May 3rd in the IXL library at 2:00pm. 

Parents and Families:

Reading is the most important skill you can teach a child. Of all the skills children learn, it is the one you can influence the most.

Don’t miss our BOGO Book Fair!!

In-School Book Fair Dates:  May 9th, 10th, and 11th

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Nurse News

Staying Healthy 101


The saying “SPRING iS IN THE AIR” isn’t always as welcoming as it sounds.

As spring is among us, the allergy season for some are in full swing. These allergies occur when outdoor molds release their spores, and trees, grasses, and weeds release tiny pollen particles into the air to fertilize other plants. Tree pollination is Feb-May, Grass pollen is May-June and weed pollen typically runs from Aug-Oct.


Here are a few reminders if anyone in your home has seasonal allergies:

Some Symptoms include:

  • Sneezing

  • Itchy nose and or throat

  • Nasal congestion

  • Clear, runny nose

  • Coughing

  • Itchy, watery or red eyes


Some treatment options:

  • Limit outdoor days when the pollen count is high.

  • Keep windows of home and car closed.

  • Shower after coming inside. Pollen in hair can bother you at night.

  • May use decongestants or antihistamines. If these medications are unsuccessful and symptoms worsen, you may talk to your doctor about an allergy injection.


HEALTHY kids become better LEARNERS,

Nurse Lacy

Featured Teacher

Get to know IXL’s amazing staff!!


Mrs. Davis

Rachel Davis, 3rd-5th Grade Reading Teacher


I am finishing up my fourth year here at IXL. This is my fifth year teaching. I spent one year in kindergarten before I realized that was not the life for me! I came to IXL and fell in love with teaching fifth grade. At semester, I ventured into the world of teaching reading to third, fourth, and fifth graders. It has been an adventure, but I really enjoy teaching my students!! I love sharing my love for reading and encouraging them to become life long readers! I became an educator to make a difference in the world. I strive to teach my students to do the same. I am currently working on my masters degree at Emporia State University, so that leaves me with little spare time! However, in my spare time I love to read, spend time with my husband, visit family, and play board games. I also enjoy watching OSU football and OKC Thunder basketball! 








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